Fountain V/S Diffused Aerators: Which Should You Buy?

Whether you want to provide oxygen to the fish in your pond, or just want your pond to look as healthy as ever, you need to invest in a pond aerator. You’ll be pleased to know that you have several available options, however, as there are two main types of aerators that you can buy. They are known as diffused aerators and fountain aerators.

Diffused Aerators

Diffused aerators deliver air right from the bed of the pond underwater. This kind of large pond aerator is made up of an air compressor, some tubing, and an air bubbler, where the bubbles come out of. Air is collected with the air compressor that you place outside the pond, and that air is transferred through the tubing. The air then releases out of the bubbler as a series of air bubbles. The bubbles start at the bed of the pond and float on upwards towards the surface. This type of aerator is not all that complex to understand, though. With how this aerator is designed, all parts of the pond can be exposed to clean oxygen from the bottom to the top. From outside of your pond, you can notice the pond gargle in the areas where you have placed your large pond aerator.

Fountain Aerators

Fountain aerators are widely appealing to pond owners. Not only do they provide oxygen to the pond, but they also serve as a valuable looking decoration where water continuously sprays upwards in a synchronized and continuous fashion. Fountain aerators work by gathering water from underneath and shooting it up into the air endlessly. When the water flies through the air, it gathers oxygen. This water brings oxygen with it when it splashes back into the pond.

Which Type Is Better and Why?

Both types of aerators have advantages over one another, but if we had to decide on which one is better, it would be the diffused aerator. Diffused aerators simply have the most coverage inside any given pond. They can give air to the fish and plant life no matter where they reside.

While fountain aerators make ponds look more classy and valuable, they will not fare well in ponds that are irregularly shaped, because they will not give oxygen to all areas of the pond. With this in mind, you would need to buy more than one fountain aerator to cover more of your pond at a time. These aerators fare better in symmetrical ponds, such as those that are round or rectangular in shape.

More importantly, fountain aerators will not make your pond entirely clean. From the surface, the pond will look clean, but the pond can still be rather dirty and can limit where it is safe for the fish to swim. One important area of the pond that this aerator will not make cleaner is the bed. The fountain will only send water and receive oxygen right from the pond’s surface, so there is no chance for that oxygen to make its way to the bottom of the pond.

If the bottom of the pond does not get air, you will get nutrients that stick to it. This will form a sticky tar or muck that fish and plant life will not tolerate. This muck also has a strong, foul odor that only leeches are attracted to, and leeches are of course not good for your pond’s ecosystem, either.

Only a diffused aerator can provide a pond with oxygen from top to bottom, since this aerator starts at the very bottom of the pond. These aerators also work with any shape of pond, and are rather easy to install.

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